I love that picture above! That is a photo of my Maltese grandmother (we called her 'Nanna') sitting next to my Uncle Joe, who has the biggest nose* you've ever seen, holding my dad, who would later grow up to have a nose equally massive in size and girth.

While my dad was born in the 1950s (my uncle was born in the late 1800s), we share one thing... we shouldn't be alive right now.  In fact, none of my aunts and uncles (except my Aunt Mary [or Aunt Murray as I like to call her] who was born in 2006) shouldn't be here!

Why you ask?  Because we had lead-based paint everywhere, and we ate non-healthy candy...  but we're still alive and we didn't get fat.  Why?  Because we would be outside playing until the streetlights came on!

What did you do when you were a kid that would, by today's standards, kill you or land you in the middle of a lawsuit?  Leave your answers in the comments section, and share this article with your friends.  But, BEWARE!!  We just may talk about it on the air!!

*Uncle Joe's nose could easily hide the Empire State Building within either nostril.