One of my fondest memories as a kid was going to the zoo with my Uncle Chet and Aunt Linda. Since before my brother was born, they would take me and my sister to Potter Park Zoo to see the animals and feed the ducks. When Alex was born he joined the fray, as did many of the neighborhood kids. These days, we still go to the zoo with my aunt and uncle, but there are a lot more Fenechs in tow.

13 of us made the trip to East Lansing over the weekend. In addition to my aunt, uncle, sister, brother and myself, my wife and three kids, my sister's family of four and my brother and his girlfriend got together for an afternoon of Fenech family fun.

We saw penguins, otters, meerkats, and camels as well as a rhinoceros, tiger, and even a lion! It's nice to enjoy time with the family when everyone's getting along and having a good time. Where will The Traveling Fenechs venture next? Check back to see!