Searching for a Christmas tree that won't break the bank? Michigan's got a festive secret just for you and it will only set you back as little as $5 if you don't mind the great outdoors.

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This year the United States Forest Service is giving you a chance to cut down your own trees inside one of the nation's beautiful forests around the country. Anyone can channel their inner Clark Griswold and head out into nature and find their perfect tree for just a small fee.

During the holiday season, Americans can cut down their Christmas trees at any nearby federally protected forest in many participating locations, and all it will cost is a mere $5 or $10 for a permit. All you need to do is purchase your Christmas tree permit in advance of your visit to the forest in your area.

"For every tree that is found, cut, and carried home as a holiday fixture, you’re also contributing to the overall forest health. Christmas tree permits are a unique opportunity for citizens to help thin densely populated stands of small-diameter trees – the perfect size for a Christmas tree", said. 

So far about 306,000 permits have been sold since sales began on in 2020, according to the Forest Service.  Most of the holiday tree permits are issued during the month of  November.

What National Forests in Michigan Allow You Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree?

There are three National forests in Michigan that will allow you to cut down your own Christmas tree this year.

  • Hiawatha National Forest in Manistique, Michigan
  • Ottawa National Forest in Bruce Crossing, Michigan
  • Huron-Manistee National Forest in Lake Township, Michigan

So, grab your cozy winter gear, rally your loved ones, and head to Michigan to snag your Christmas tree gem for just $5! Let the jingle bells ring and the holiday cheer begin without putting a dent in your budget. See the full nationwide list of forests and secure your Michigan permit here. 

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