Michigan is home to numerous Christmas tree farms around the state. Family farms take great care (and time) to grow their trees to the perfect height for harvesting.

Think of these farms as an investment in and of patience. Which makes this story even more frustrating. Wait, make that... tasty. Here's why.

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Peacock Road Family Farm and Christmas Trees

Southwest of Owosso, in Laingsburg, MI, fans of fresh cut trees love the experience of a tractor ride through the field to find the perfect evergreen.

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Then, they usually cut it down on the spot. But that won't be happening this year.

Hungry animals eat Christmas crops at Peacock Road Family Farm.

Imagine a sprawling field full of mature Christmas trees... bare from the ground, up.

Why? Hungry deer. WLNS TV had an interview with Farmer Ed.

They're coping by selling fresh trees, they've cut themselves, of course.

Why are deer eating so many Christmas trees?

The deer population in Michigan has been growing rapidly because of fewer hunters these days.

Can you imagine operating a tree farm and seeing a field-full of trees half-eaten to bare up three to four feet?

That's the average height of mature deer, by the way.

Peacock Road Family Farm Christmas Treess

Not to worry, there is still plenty of festive holiday things to do like taking the kids to meet Santa, stop at the gift shop or go big and plan a wedding or party.

They still have beautiful fresh cut trees, wreaths and more for you to take home, too. In the meantime, someone ask Rudolph to tell his friends to chill.

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