Genesee County has said goodbye to several businesses over the years. Most recently the beloved Walli's East Building in Burton, click to see that here. And Grand Blanc is saying goodbye to Grand Blanc Appliance after nearly 70 years. Now, Miller Road in Swartz Creek is losing an iconic structure.

What happened to the Mary Crapo School in Swartz Creek, MI?

According to an ABC12 report, the structure is coming down. Several years ago, the fire marshal said the building needed to a fire suppression system.

How old was Mary Crapo School in Swartz Creek, MI?

The Crapo family sold property to build the school in 1928. Named after Michigan's Governor Crapo's Wife, the school opened in 1929, serving the Swartz Creek School District until the school board voted to close the building after classes wrapped in 2018. According to Wikipedia, the building would have cost more than $600,000 to bring up to code. Ultimately, the rest of the district's buildings would see expansions & needed upgrades in the following years.

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

What else was the Mary Crapo building used for in Swartz Creek Schools?

  • Originally the building was K-12 grades. It was expanded later, of course.
  • For 30+ years Center Stage community theater group used the building for its home base.
  • Child Development Center
  • Alternative Education
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What will the Mary Crapo School property become in Swartz Creek?

According to the same ABC12 report, there will be some sort of memorializing the old building and new development on the property.

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