The Grand Blanc Community is preparing to say goodbye to one of its oldest businesses across the street from The Crossbow Inn... Grand Blanc Appliance will soon cease operations. We'll soon add this to one of the many businesses we miss around Genesee County.

What's happening to Grand Blanc Appliance?

I spoke to Grand Blanc Appliance Owner, Jim Hill, this morning. He told me

'it's time to retire. I'm 70 and have been working in this store for 68 years.'

Hill was around the store as a kid, at 12. Growing up around the business certainly made for a successful, long operation helping Grand Blanc and area residents with their appliance & service needs.

Google Street View
Google Street View Grand Blanc Appliance
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Did Grand Blanc Appliance sell the business?

Jim Hill, Grand Blanc Appliance Owner has already sold the business. While Hill didn't have a final date for "closing" the Grand Blanc Appliance permanently, he assures me it will not happen until sometime in January 2023.

Who bought Grand Blanc Appliance?

Fellow Grand Blanc appliance store operator, Carl's Appliance, has purchased the property. Carl's Appliance has been in business since 1977 across the street from the Al Serra Auto Plaza, next to the tire store at Edwards & Saginaw Street. It's also a family owned & operated business.

Google Street View
Google Street View Carl's Appliance

While it's sad to see Grand Blanc Appliance go away, it's remarkable to have a 68-year run in the community. Jim Hill was himself as we wrapped up our brief call. He was grateful we'd think to cover his retirement and sale of Grand Blanc Appliance -- like he was always grateful for our business. On behalf of our whole community -- enjoy your retirement Jim, you've certainly earned it.

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