It's a three-day week for many of us, but that may mean trying to squeeze five days' worth of work into three days. And this week may also include spending time with family members you don't get to see often. That may or may not add to your stress level.

So we wanted to give you something beautiful and majestic to start your week.

A Bald Eagle made an appearance recently in Davison. The creature was spotted near the intersection of Davison and Henderson Roads on the morning of November 18th. Thanks to Cheryl Campbell-Hoberg who snapped the photo and posted it on Davison's Friendly Community Facebook Page. We're reposting it here with her permission.

Although it's rare to spot a Bald Eagle, it was removed from the US government's list of endangered species in 1995, and then classified as a threatened species. It was removed from the threatened wildlife list in 2007.

Come back again if you need some stress relief throughout the week.

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