And the saying rings true again...everybody is offended by something nowadays.


Since there are articles about the mist sprinklers at the Auschwitz Memorial entrance published, and you also send us...

Posted by Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz on Monday, August 31, 2015

The official Facebook page for the Auschwitz Memorial has posted the above statement regarding the vapor showers, which were installed to keep visitors cool during an extreme heat wave. Poland has been seeing unusual summer temperatures in the triple digits, and the showers were installed in a waiting area that offers no shade.

Israeli media sites have been reporting that people are "horrified" by the shower installation, considering that Nazis used gas chambers to execute millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

This is the first and, probably, only time that I will ever minimize something that happened at a concentration camp, but c'mon. It's hot. They're trying to prevent people from passing out. It's for the welfare of their guests and staff. End of story.