Thank you, Genesee County, for helping us crush our goal!

We didn't even have an entire DAY to raise the last few thousand dollars to reach our goal for the Whaley Children's Center - we had FOUR HOURS. Today was the hottest day so far and we couldn't WAIT to get off the roof at 10AM...provided that we met our goal.

Big thanks to Congressman Dan Kildee, who worked at Whaley for ten years, for coming up this morning to talk to us. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! And THANK YOU to the entire Cars 108 team, the Whaley family and the staff at McDonald's in Grand Blanc for being our home this week.

We did it! And we did it WITH YOU - $48,000 in three days! THANK YOU!

via Pat & AJ
via Pat & AJ

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