If you listen to the news or read polls, you're most likely a little confused. Most polls are national and don't really reflect the true nature of things locally.

So I figured we could do our own people poll. Are you game? It's easy to take and requires no special skills and one other thing, it's free.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? So far, half of our listeners say they're actually doing better, while half are doing worse (and Steph even chimed in with her own observation about joining Rod on the Cars 108 morning show). Take the poll after the jump.

One caller, landing on the "No" side, said, "We've lost our jobs, we worked for Flint schools, so we're not better off than we were four years ago."

Another woman called in and said her son had found a job (presumably in Detroit). "We're a GM family and my son is back to work," she said.'

Stephanie mentioned she'd gone out on the tightrope just to take her current job as Rod's cohost. Often, some of the best changes can be risky, too.

We expected to hear more comments on the negative side and were a little surprised with some of the happy stories - but either way, we'd love to hear how you're feeling this year.