Should Fans Be So Close To Action?
We witnessed a horrific accident at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday and fortunately no one was killed. They had  what they thought were protective fences to shield them, yet still many were hurt. Is it time to back the crowds off a bit?
Would You Turn Your Kid In To The Police? [POLL]
Personally I'm not the most noble person in the world so I can safely say that I would not turn my own child into the police. At least not right away. Edward Cunniff of Quincy, Massachusetts found himself in that situation.
He was checking out photos of Massachusetts' most-wanted criminals …
Who’s Lazier — Men or Women? [POLL]
Gotta love research. I'm sure some of you have figured out the results already. But if the fairer sex wants to use their extra smarts to take over the world they’re probably going to have to get off the couch first.
So who does research say is lazier?
Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago? [POLL]
If you listen to the news or read polls, you're most likely a little confused. Most polls are national and don't really reflect the true nature of things locally.
So I figured we could do our own people poll. Are you game? It's easy to take and requires no special skills and one other thing, it's fr…
Is A Four-Year-Old Too Young For Make-Up? [Poll]
How young is too young for make-up? One mom is getting some heat for letting her four-year-old daughter wear make-up after becoming fascinated with cosmetics after watching mom apply make-up when she goes out.
The mom wrote a blog and others lashed out at her for letting her daughter wear make-up. Sh…
Do Telemarketers Drive You Crazy? [Poll]
How annoying do you find telemarketers to be? It seemed like when they first started calling it was earlier in the day and now they tend to still call you after 9pm. I only use my cell phone but I'm constantly getting harassed, even though I signed up on the do not call list.
According to a recent s…

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