Construction workers, real estate activities, as well as those who work outdoors, will be allowed to resume work in Michigan on May 7th.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the order on Friday, and it is a part of a project to reopen the Michigan economy. But those who are opening will have to follow step-by-step instructions during this time to keep those who work there safe.

According to MLive, businesses that are to open must follow these guidelines:

  • Designating a site supervisor to enforce COVID-19 control strategies.
  • Conducting daily health screenings for workers.
  • Creating dedicated entry points, if possible, or issuing stickers or other indicators to assure that all workers are screened every day.
  • Identifying check points and high-risk areas (like hallways, hoists and elevators, break areas, water stations, and buses) and controlling them to enable social distancing.
  • Ensuring sufficient hand-washing or hand-sanitizing stations at the worksite.
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