If I asked you what the greatest food in human history was, what would you say? Chances are you wouldn't say the McDonald's McDouble. But some economists from "Freakonomics" say the McDouble just might be the greatest food in human history.

The McDouble made it possible to get a lot of calories, and a bunch of fiber, protein and calcium with a few veggies at a ridiculously cheap price.  It's been suggested that Earth's entire population could survive on just two hamburger patties, a piece of cheese and the bun, the building blocks of a McDouble.  Each one contains 390 calories, half your daily protein, 20% of your daily calcium, and 7% of your daily fiber.

Coming in at number two on the list was boiled lentils.  It's not as gross sounding as fish fingers & custard, but still... yuck!!

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