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Posted by Kala Wilburn on Saturday, May 2, 2020

You're never too young to start your own business!

Jada Wilburn is only 5-years-old but she's got BIG dreams, and she's already started down her entrepreneurial path - she's got an online store AND she's selling her lip gloss at A & J Enterprises on Clio Road in Flint.

It definitely runs in the family, because Jada's dad Randall owns Velocity Tees and her mom Kala started Vehicle City Fashion Week and has her own clothing line called Fannie Lucille.

And now, Jada has Jada's Kisses.

Kala told Flintside that she wanted to make sure that they weren't pushing Jada to do something that she didn't really want to do. "She’s always asking, ‘When can I go sell my lip gloss? She’s very outgoing, it’s just in her. So we just try to water it when we see the seed growing.”

They also said that they realized how many chemicals are put into commercial lip gloss, so they aimed to make something that was safer for kids AND adults. Jada's lip gloss is organic - it's gluten-free AND vegan.

Jada started her first "store" in her bedroom; however, it got to be too messy and she told her mom that she needed her own space.

You can purchase Jada's Kisses on her website, at A&J enterprises (when they restock), and at the shared space where her mom and dad sell their products at 8240 Embury Road in Grand Blanc.

The Wilburns are a great family that give SO MUCH back to the Flint and surrounding communities. Shop local if you can!

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