Having a complicated medical procedure can be daunting at any age, but when you're four, you need to muster up the strength and courage of The Incredible Hulk.

That's exactly what this little boy from Taylor, Michigan did.

Traumatized by Medical Procedures

Joey Owen has suffered from seizures since he was just six months old. His mother, Rebecca Owen, tells WDIV that her little boy was diagnosed with benign infantile focal epilepsy when he was two.

She tells the TV station that he's had about six EEGs to measure his brainwaves in his short lifetime and that the experience has been really rough on him.

“Because he was so little when they began, he was completely traumatized. It got to the level where he would have to be wrapped up like a burrito and held down," Owen says. "He would scream and cry until he fell asleep because he was so exasperated.”


Overcoming His Fear

But Owen says Joey found a way to overcome his fear, channeling the strength and courage of The Incredible Hulk before his latest procedure.

“Just before his most recent procedure, he was really scared so he asked me if he could dress up as the Hulk so he could be brave like him,” Rebecca Owen said. “He had his costume on in the car the whole way there.”

As he walked into Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak this past time, Joey told Rebecca, "I'm the Hulk, Mom. We got this."

The technician who performed the procedure says Joey was incredibly brave and stayed in character the entire time he was there.

Click here to take a look at Joey's pictures through the years.

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