Leave it to the small businesses to give back to their community the most.

Jennifer Haglund and Mark Bogardare the owners of Bird Dog Baking in Ypsilanti, and they told clickondetroit.com that they're happy they started small, given the current economic circumstances.

Their main goal is to keep everything as local as possible. According to birddogbaking.com:

Our region is one of the most crop-diverse in the US, and we are committed to sourcing 100% of our grains from local farmers. We deeply value the passionate and hard-working families who choose environmentally responsible, regenerative and ethical practices on their farms. We know that healthy soil ecosystems grow the most nutrient-dense foods and we are thrilled to bring those foods to you.

"You're supporting your local businesses. You're also keeping your local bakeries in business, your local farmers in business, your local millers in business, it's much higher quality, it's more flavorful and you're keeping all of that strength in your community," Jennifer told WDIV Local 4.

Their main goal is to get "delicious bread" out to everybody in Ypsilanti, and they're doing that by donating their product to food banks and emergency food programs during COVID-19. In June, they donated $1 from every sale for a weel to We The People Opportunity Farm.

Imagine that! A brand new, small, local business and one of the first things they decide to do is get involved with a collaboration of farmers and other business owners to donate food to those who need it. Now THAT is the kind of business we can all get behind.

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