If you've been feeling like there's been something missing from your life lately, but just couldn't quite put your finger on it, let us help. Maybe it's the delicious taste of that Michigan state, the Sanders Bumpy Cake. If that sweet tooth deficiency has been the problem, we've got some great news.

Last fall it was like a piece of history was being taken away when Michigan when last fall Michigan found itself in a not-so-sweet situation for the first time in over 100 years. Sanders, the iconic Michigan confectionery, was facing a bittersweet predicament: they were running out of their famous Bumpy Cake. The delectable, irresistible Bumpy Cake that has tantalized our taste buds for generations is now in limited supply and at risk of being gone forever.

Sanders was forced to halt production of its legendary treat after Minnie Marie Bakers, Inc., their longtime Bumpy Cakes bakery partner, announced they would be closing their bakery in Livonia. Long known as Awrey’s, this is where Bumpy Cakes had been produced for many years. Sanders got the word out that Bumpy Cakes would be in short supply until a new bakery could fill the void.

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On May 23rd, Sanders announced on its Facebook page that the search was over and the beloved Bumpy Cake will be making its big return. In the statement Vic Mehren, the CEO of Sanders' parent company Second Nature Brands said,

"After months of hard work and focus by our team, I'm pleased to let you know that Sanders Bumpy Cakes will be returning to store shelves in the coming weeks", Mehren wrote."After talking to many companies, we were able to find the right partners who meet our high standards for quality and service and can deliver the same Bumpy Cake taste we know and love".

The statement did not indicate who the new partner will be or the exact date the iconic cakes will be hitting the store shelves, but it will certainly be worth the wait. We'll keep you posted.

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