Michigan just got a brand new crown jewel in the world of deliciousness in the form of that one spot that is all about everything we love about the perfect delicatessen.

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Great delis aren't just reserved for big cities like New York and Chicago, and that's just what Taste of Home set out to prove. They recently compiled a list that will send your taste buds on a whirlwind journey through a wonderland of sandwiches, savory meats, and mouthwatering specialties.

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Taste of Home took on the task of searching out those game changers in meats & cheeses to name "The Best Deli in Every State". The popular site, known for everything food, cooking, and restaurants, relied on reviews and hat tips from their Community Cooks to name the best of the best from the deli world.

What's the Best Deli in Michigan?

It seems Taste of Home knew exactly where to look for the best and most iconic deli in Michigan. A staple in Ann Arbor for years, Zingerman's Deli was crowned the best in the Great Lakes state.

What makes this deli so extraordinary, you ask? Is it the handcrafted sandwiches or the meticulously curated selection of meats and cheeses?  Or maybe their mouthwatering specialties? We are going to go with all of the above and so much more. Here's what Taste of Home had to say about the deli that's been serving up all the amazingness since 1982;

"Zingerman’s Deli is famous across the Midwest. Come in to pick up classic deli meats or stay for lunch. Order “nosher” or “fresser” (Yiddish for small and big) size sandwiches. And sandwiches are only the beginning: You’ll also find breakfast, Jewish specialties, fresh bread, and more."


If you haven't sampled a sandwich or deli treat from Zingerman's yet, make sure to plan a trip to Ann Arbor soon. Oh, and did we mention their amazing baked goods? Incredible. Check out the full Taste of Home list of The Best Deli in Each State here. 

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