Ever warm up your car for just a few minutes before you leave? Turns out, it could get you a ticket, or worse.

A Roseville man was issued a ticket -- which carries a hefty fine of $128 -- for warming up his vehicle in his own driveway. Taylor Trupiano tells WXYZ he had no idea what he was doing is illegal.

"I thought it was some kind of joke at first, and then I was thrown back by it," he said. "I was really surprised."

According to the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code (R28-1458 & 257.676), motorists are violating the law if they leave keys in a running vehicle while it's unattended. And many cities in Michigan have ordinances that impose stricter guidelines.

According to this website, your vehicle could actually be impounded for doing so within the city of Flint.

The workaround is to install a remote car starter. The device will allow a vehicle to preheat, while the doors stay locked, and the keys in the possession of the driver.

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