According to a new survey by Direct Line car insurance, women are more likely than men to swear while driving. In fact, that's why I insist on driving during family road trips. Nearly half of all women, 48%, admit to cursing behind the wheel while only 40% of men do. We've got the top five things most likely to make us swear while driving.

1) The GPS: 55% of people who use one say they've sworn at it.

2) Getting cut off by another driver.

3) People who don't use their turn signal when turning or changing lanes.

4) People who talk on their cell phone while driving.

5) Someone driving slow in the fast lane. This is the only thing that men were more likely to swear at than women. 15% of men mentioned it, while only 7% of women did.

Here's a prime example of women getting upset at a male driver. A man is calling his boss to tell him that he is running late for work when hilarious chaos erupts before his eyes!

What is your biggest pet peeve when driving?