20-year old Ney Decino has such an irrational fear of toilets, she is unable to use the bathroom alone, and requires a family member to accompany her to flush.

Decino, who is the the mother of a nine-month-old daughter, says she's been flushed with fear since she was a child. Her phobia developed after seeing the talking-toilet scene in the movie 'Look Who's Talking Too' when she was four years old. Since then, her life has tanked.

"Ever since I saw that film, I’ve been terrified. When I was about 11, I wet myself on my way home because I wouldn’t use the loo at school."

Decino says she's "freaked out" by the sound of the water going down when a toilet flushes, and runs away in fear if one is flushed nearby. She works close to home so she can return home during the day to use the bathroom.

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- George McIntyre
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