Some people refuse to use any bathroom but their own, while some people just don't give a crap where they make a deposit.  For those who have no problem using someone else's throne, what are you relieved to see when urine you're in there?

A recent Reddit poll asked that very question and here are the results:

1.  A lit candle.  This prevents you from walking into a room that's pitch black, and helps mask the smell of your personal brand.

2.  A small trash can next to the toilet with a lid on it.  A can next to the can without a lid can be confusing for some.

3.  A fan.  Air circulation is a must, not to mention it makes enough noise to cover up certain sounds.

4.  Clean hand towels.  Nothing makes my hands feel cleaner than wiping off with a damp shower towel that someone wiped their entire body off with.

5.  A lock on the door.  Does this really need an explanation?  How about this...  unexpected awkward moment!!

6.  A plunger.  Nothing like leaving two presents at a surprise party!  That's what George McIntyre thought a "turducken" was.