A Canadian newspaper leaked a story yesterday that a Vancouver restaurant, Edible Canada, had instituted a new policy in its restroom:  No standing up to pee! News trickled in shortly thereafter that the policy was just a piddly little joke, and that the signs were not meant to be taken seriously, or to 'piss' anyone off.  That was the restaurant owner's #1 concern. Aim past the break for more.

Eric Pateman, owner of Edible Canada, told the Vancouver Sun he bought the stickers as a joke. Space is limited in the eatery, so the bathroom is unisex and has no urinals. Pateman thought it would be fun - and a wiz-bang idea - to post the signs above the toilets. They feature a stick figure urinating while standing, and a line through the image. They have no intention of enforcing such a policy. (What a relief!)

The signs are conversation pieces, so much so that Pateman says people are stealing them. He's had to replace them five times since opening the bistro three months ago. To flush out that problem, the restaurant now makes them available for purchase.

The stream of publicity for the restaurant has been flowing steadily since the story broke.