You just never know when you walk into a bathroom what you will find. Some are clean and tidy while other look like they are remnants from an outhouse.

However, someone who is well traveled will tell you that there really are some outstanding facilities available that raise the bar of the total bathroom experience.

Cintas Corporation is sponsoring the America’s Best Bathroom Contest, for the 11th year in a row.

They recently released the 2012 nominees in hopes of getting the public to come forward and vote for the most eye-catching lavatory in the country.

The first seven nominees are listed below. To see the full list, click here.

2012 Nominees for Best Restroom in America

Liberty Market, Gilbert, Ariz.: Each stall has its own decor and vibe.

Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Ca.: 1920s-themed decor in all 14 restrooms.

Gitane Restaurant, San Francisco: brings nostalgia and romance to the restroom.

Mile N Yu Restaurant, Washington, D.C.: rustic wash area.

Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel, Chicago: glass mosaic tiles and disco feel.

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis: black walls and glossy stalls.

Vanity Nightclub, Las Vegas: TV over the urinals.

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