This story will make you look around the next time you use a public restroom. It's the story of an enterprising intern at a CVS store in Albany, NY who tried to get hot shots of ladies in the rest room taking care of business.

Vaughn Greene was working as an intern at CVS when a 60 year-old woman asked to use the restroom in the store.  The intern insisted he needed to check out the cleanliness of the room before she used it. He then set up his iPhone and engaged the video recorder and tried to hide it between two rolls of toilet paper.

The woman noticed the phone and brought it to the manager, thinking it was lost. Realizing that the phone was recording, they investigated and found film of over 30 women using the toilet on the phone.. They also found video of Greene setting up the phone.

The police busted bust the peeper, and he faces up to four years in jail.

[Via Albany Times-Union]