A scientific study has given us the reason that men stare at women. The study in the European Journal of Social Psychology, reveals that men look at women like objects, breaking them down and categorizing them according to their body parts. In other news, the sun is expected to rise in the east tomorrow.

Here's something that wasn't expected to come out of the study.  The fact that women look at women in the very same way.

Sarah Gervais, assistant professor, said both men and women see men as a complete package of what they offer physically and what their appearance dictates in terms of character. Gervais said men and women both focus on the sexual parts of a woman. Men do it as a way to check women out, while women do it to see how they measure up.

“Men might be doing it because they’re interested in potential mates, while women may do it more of a comparison with themselves,” Gervais said.

So there you have it, guys. Next time your girlfriend chastises you for looking at another woman, your go-to excuse is: ‘You were doing it, too!’

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