The correlation between coronavirus symptoms and bald men is starting to make scientists and doctors take notice. According to the NY Post, the first man to die from the virus in New York was bald and scientists are starting to notice that baldness may tell how bad coronavirus symptoms may be.

This link and studies regarding it are still in the beginning stages, as there aren't enough test subjects and also because the coronavirus has only been around for 7 months. Scientists and doctors have also found that men often suffer more from coronavirus symptoms than women and baldness in men is one of those traits that men who suffer the most have in common.

Scientists are paying attention to this link because they believe that androgen, the male sex hormones like testosterone, may boost the ability of coronavirus to attack cells. This same androgen/hormone leads to men having baldness and this trend might be a positive because there are studies out now regarding the hormone and suppressing it to help prostate cancer patients. Again this is still in the early stages but the more we can learn about the coronavirus and what it is made up of it will be quicker to cure.

You can see more about this trend and see more studies regarding it here.

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