It's called a "female penalty."

I. Can. Not. Believe this. Then again, maybe I can.

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A Detroit TV news station has done an ongoing investigation, finding that the state of Michigan is allowing car insurance companies to charge widows and single women more for their premiums.

One woman, whose husband passed away unexpectedly of stage 4 lung cancer last year. She was told, after he died, that she was in a "higher risk bracket" and that her car insurance would go from under $200 per month for two cars to over $300 for ONE car.

When the state commissioner was asked about this, his public information officer said that gender discrimination IS allowed when pricing out insurance.

And before you say, "But men have always been charged more" - watch the video. Single men are STILL charged less than single women.

So, you know, don't be a single woman. Or a widow.

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