Thank goodness - people who didn't have the money to spend on Michigan's outrageous car insurance premiums can now spend that money without penalty. *eye roll*

Full disclosure: I've lived in Illinois, Utah, Indiana, Wisconsin, Washington, and now Michigan. And yes, this is the most I've ever paid for car insurance. When AJ and I lived in Wisconsin, we paid $63 per month for full coverage for both of us. In Michigan (with clean driving records, mind you), we pay $170 per month for both of us.

I don't know about you, but I keep seeing these commercials about how Michigan car insurance is changing in July, but I never really understood how. There are a few reasons for this, now that I'm digging into it.

As of July 1st, Michigan drivers will be able to choose their level of personal injury protection, better known as PIP. This means that you will NOT be required to carry full PIP coverage, which is usually what drives up the cost of auto insurance in Michigan.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that your costs will go down. Your premium is based on a myriad of things; it may go down and it may not.

Last week, the Governor signed bipartisan auto no-fault legislation, which will also uninsured drivers to purchase car insurance without paying a penalty.

Make sense? Kind of? I swear, all of this legislation is purposely written so that us normal people can't understand it. Mission accomplished, Michigan. I'm still confused. Woof.

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