Now THIS is some news that I can get behind as a consumer!

You may or may not have noticed, but there are almost NO CARS on the road right now. Personally, we're on the "three weeks per gallon" gas schedule right now in Michigan. So, when our outrageous premium came out of our account last week, my thought was, "but...but...I'm not driving!"

At least two of the auto insurance giants agreed with this.

Allstate will be refunding all 18 million of their customers at least 15% of their premiums, credited right back to their bank accounts. The company's CEO said, "This is about fairness. This is about doing it and not waiting to be asked."

American Family customers (all 2 million of them) will be receiving a check for $50 in the mail.

*puts my feet up, waits for Progressive to do the same thing*

Imagine that - a company is saving money, so they give it back to their customers. What a concept!

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