If you've moved around the country at all, you may have noticed the difference in car insurance rates. The cost of new cars doesn’t vary much from state-to-state, but the cost of insuring one absolutely does. The statistics show that auto insurance can cost up to three times more, depending on where you live.

Wouldn't you know that here in Michigan we pay "top dollar"?

At about $2,500 annually, Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the country, primarily because almost one out of every five drivers in the state is uninsured. This means if you have an accident with one of them, your own car insurance company will have to pick up the tab for repairs — even if the wreck wasn’t your fault.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, elected judges hear cases for accident claims under $50,000 — and a judge’s chances of being re-elected could depend on his or her reputation for generosity. Because car insurance companies are accustomed to paying out hefty awards in the state, everyone suffers with an annual average insurance rate of $2,453.

And in Oklahoma, weather events like hailstorms occur often enough — and damage enough cars — to push insurance rates up to an average of $2,197, the third highest in the country.

Here are the top 10 most expensive states in which to insure a new car, along with the average annual rate:

  1. Michigan – $2,541
  2. Louisiana – $2,453
  3. Oklahoma – $2,197
  4. Montana – $2,190
  5. Washington. D.C. – $2,146
  6. California – $1,991
  7. Mississippi – $1,896
  8. New Mexico – $1,837
  9. Arkansas – $1,836
  10. Maryland – $1,807

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