If you need a reason to celebrate today, I have two. Today, Friday, November 5th is National Donut Day and National Love Your Red Hair Day. Okay, maybe you can't technically celebrate National Red Hair Day, but you can certainly get down on a donut.

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If you are not necessarily up for either occasion, I get it. Tomorrow (11/6) there is a much better reason to celebrate - it's National Nachos Day! Now that I can get behind.

In my opinion there is no wrong topping on nachos. Maybe you prefer just cheese nachos - no problem. If you are more of a go big or go home type of nachos eater, the sky is the limit when it comes to toppings. You can top with any type of meat, although I think beef or chicken nachos are the most popular. I think I had seafood nachos somewhere before, but I can't remember the exact restaurant. I am guessing tequila was involved.

Where do you recommend celebrating National Nachos Day in Genesee County or Lapeer County? Yes, I am sure there are great nachos in points beyond but I am not traveling far (maybe next year).

Off the top of my head I know the Corner Bar & Grill in Fenton has an awesome Ribeye Nacho -  it is amazing. The Lake Inn in Lapeer makes a killer Nacho Supreme too. When it comes to getting nachos to go - that can be tricky, but the Fenton House Restaurant in Fenton never disappoints on carry out nachos.

So - what's is going to be? Where are we celebrating tomorrow? Tell me who you think has the best nachos. Happy National Nachos Day!

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