I was trying to think of any odd or crazy jobs I've had in the past and nothing too crazy comes to mind. I worked at a coffee shop dealing with crazy customers and an odd boss but that's about it. Rod said when he was younger he worked at a pickle factory and said it was quite the awful job. Have you ever had a crazy or odd job?Or maybe your job wasn't odd or crazy, but it was different and unique. Did you like that job? Or, do you currently have an odd or unique job? You may even have a job that no one knows about. The reason I ask is because Rod and I want to visit you and try your job.

We'll even do part of our morning show at your work place. We're looking to have some fun in the community and we'll even bring coffee and donuts with us. So, if you want us to stop by and try your job, sign up here. We're open to going anywhere!