A friend of mine was talking about a couple of her past jobs last night and how glad they were they didn't have to do them anymore. They didn't like working in fast food and also couldn't stand being a telemarketer. They got tired of having to deal with rude people all day long. Do you remember that one odd or crazy job you had, where you might be glad you no longer work there?  The reason I ask is because we've all had those odd, crazy, dirty or quirky jobs and most of the time we are glad when we no longer have to do them. Maybe you still have one of those jobs or even a job that no one knows exists. If this is you, then we want to know, so Rod and I can come out and try your job.

We've started Rod and Erin's Odd Jobs and we want to come out and try your job for a bit, broadcast part of the morning show from there and we'll even bring some goodies. Even if your job is inside your home, we still want to stop by and hang out for a while. We don't mind going anywhere, so sign up here and we could be coming to see you!

Tomorrow, we are heading out to Davison Regional Park to help the middle school students test the water in the Black Creek. We'll have more details in the morning. All I know is that it's going to be really cold!