Mornings with Rod and Erin

Free Fuel Friday
Every Friday, Join Rod and me at Al Serra Auto Plaza to try to win a free gas card. Each week we'll be at a different dealership within Al Serra and this week you can find us at Cadillac. If you haven't had a chance to win free fuel, this could be your lucky week.
Rod and Erin’s Odd Jobs [Video]
We kicked off our odd jobs this morning with the Davison Middle School students. We were at Abernathy Regional Park testing the water in the Black Creek. The water was quite dirty and very cold! We told you we would go anywhere! If you are a Passenger Rewards member, we'll give you extra points for watching the video. Your bonus code will be displayed at the end. To claim your points, go here. Rea
Odd Jobs with Rod and Erin
A friend of mine was talking about a couple of her past jobs last night and how glad they were they didn't have to do them anymore. They didn't like working in fast food and also couldn't stand being a telemarketer. They got tired of having to deal with rude people all day long. Do you remember that one odd or crazy job you had, where you might be glad you no longer work there?
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling Talks with Rod and Erin [Video]
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling stopped by the studio this morning for his monthly visit. The mayor talked about the city and all of the great things going on. We also like to have some fun with the mayor so he agreed to play Battle of the Sexes. I have beat him the last four times we've played and I did it again! Watch our challenge after the jump.