First it was Tim Hortons, and now, the poopers are striking closer to home.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a runner. And there IS a thing called "runners trots." Basically, all of that movement can, well, jiggle your bowels and make the inevitable a reality. It's happened to the best of us. Most of us have begged to use a gas station bathroom or or run into the bushes. Or, worst case scenario, we've just "gone" in our running tights.

These two situations, however, are NOT THAT.

First, a woman at a Tim Hortons in Canada got upset at a cashier, took a dump in and threw it at him. Clearly, not acceptable behavior, and definitely NOT an accident.

And now, there's this - YouTube user James Heilig posted a video to the Facebook page Criminals of Flint, and then to YouTube, of a woman defecating in the parking lot of an unnamed Burton business. Again, clearly not an accident - she's armed with TP.

Thank you, James, for the entertaining commentary.

The poopers are in our own backyard now. They're here. And they're not afraid to drop a deuce in public places.

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