In the aftermath of last week's snow and record-breaking cold, many Michigan school districts are fearing a shortage of snow days.

A waiver granted by the Michigan Department of Education would allow school districts three additional weather days in addition to the six days already allotted by the state. Each district fearing it may be at risk of going over its allotted number of weather days needs to apply for the waiver.

Many schools in Michigan used five of their available six weather days last week when bitterly cold temperatures followed a heavy snowfall early in the week.

“No waiver requests have been received to this point in the school year,” Martin Ackley, director of the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Public and Governmental Affairs tells Mlive. “Decisions to close schools during this week’s weather conditions were at the discretion of each school district.”

The Michigan Department of Educations has not said whether or not it will automatically grant waivers to schools that apply for them.

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