Um, tell us something we don't know.

According to Thrillist, Michigan comes in right behind Minnesota, as the state with the most brutal winter. Many factors were in play to settle Michigan in second place when it came to winter brutality, but I felt like one was missing. The air actually hurts.

I know I'm going to be called out on being a 'wuss', but seriously, we live in a place where the chill factor could take you out or give you horrible frost bite. It seems every time, in the dead of winter, I question myself why I continue to live in a state where the freaking air hurts my face. But, then I remember how much I love Michigan.

Yeah, the winters are brutal, but summer is amazing!  You can't go anywhere without running into a picturesque lake or friendly sarcastic people who also share your joy of the warm months.

So keep that in mind, only a few more months of dreariness, then we will be complaining how the humidity is melting us.

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