These are the scummiest kind of people and I want to let the WHOLE WORLD know about them.

I've been helping to navigate my parents through their finances lately; they're both disabled and I drove back to Milwaukee this past weekend to get some things straightened out for them.

They assured me that everything was fine because they had gone through a credit counseling company to get their debt paid down. When we got to their CC bills, I said, "The consolidation company is handling these for you, right?" My dad said, "No, I still have to pay them. They just negotiated a lower rate."

I paused for a minute - that's something that any of us can do over the phone. If they aren't paying his bills, what exactly did they do for him that he couldn't do himself?

Immediately, I could sense that something was wrong. And then, he dropped THIS bomb on me: "I gave them $3,500 to do it and I owe them $1,000 at the end. I've never talked to a real person there."

My sister did a credit counseling program and she assured me that this is NOT how it works.

via Pat & AJ

I called the number yesterday and it was out of service. When I googled their name, I saw this:

Screenshot via Pat & AJ

Not surprisingly, a lot of the company's reviews to the Better Business Bureau indicated a scam that steals from people, mainly senior citizens.

Shocked? Not really. Furious? ABSOLUTELY. HOW F***ING DARE YOU? My parents are on a fixed income. They're both almost wheelchair-bound. I drove 14 hours round-trip to help them get their affairs in order and now I've gotta deal with THIS? And frankly, there's nothing I can do. You stole their money and disconnected your phone.

Beware of this company. They're the worst kind of human beings.