It is the end of an era. Today is the final day of the Cars' Classic Lunch on Cars 108. It is a show that began in August of 1987 and ran for 26 consecutive years. Why is it going away, and what happens next?The time has has come for a little freshening and renovation of a program that has played requests from the 50's, 60's,70's and 80's for more than 26 years for the listeners of Cars 108.

While the Cars Classic Lunch will conclude today, we will return on Monday with a fresh approach to your favorite music with the "80's Request Lunch". It is a lunchtime show that will focus on the best music of the 80's decade. It will offer the same opportunities to call in your requests for a song from the 80's, and we will still give you a chance to play musical trivia daily to win yourself lunch for two at a local sponsor.

It has been my pleasure to host the "Classic Lunch" from it's inception, and now we will begin a new era. The music of the 80's will offer a fresh approach and I'm sure you will enjoy remembering the biggest hits of the decade.

I would like to express my thanks to the thousands of people who have participated in the Classic Lunch through the years. I have had many opportunities to play your favorite songs, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and share the best times of your lives. You have made the past 26 years a true pleasure for me, and I look forward to continuing our journey with the "80's Request Lunch" that begins Monday. Thanks so much for the memories!

Check out what the Classic lunch sounded like 20 years ago below.