'The Elf on the Shelf' has become a fun family tradition for many Americans over the past few years.  Basically you adopt an elf who keeps watch over your kids and while they sleep they magically return to the North Pole to report back to Santa.  No one can touch the elves or they lose their magic powers.

This morning, we must have interrupted our elf, Bowser, when he was in the middle of his business.  He was frozen in time like he normally is, but he was found over the toilet and had left a 'package' in the bathroom.  That brings me to my conundrum.  Will cleaning up his mess break the magic spell?  Or should I leave his 'yule log' where we found it until he moves again overnight tonight?

Fenech Pictures
Fenech Pictures

My sister adopted an elf, Scout, who toilet papered her tree.  These little things are becoming quite mischievous!  Have you adopted an Elf on the Shelf?  If so, what crazy or funny situations have you found him or her in?


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