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Last night, one of the local news channels here in Flint showed a brief shot of mystery lights that sometimes appear over I-75 in the Holly area but didn't offer a great deal more information.

So here goes.

We've actually unraveled this mystery a couple of years ago on our website when we explored reports of "strange light" sightings in the Holly area that some people thought could be UFOs. It turns out that the company responsible for the lights show is Firefly Drone Shows, a company based in Lake Orion.

The company now offers light show packages that can be booked for special events or commissioned to convey an advertiser's message. They've recently expanded their fleet to 300 drones.

Firefly Drone Shows is just one of three such companies in the United States, gaining special permission from the FAA to perform their shows at night.

The company's founders, Kyle Dorosz and Ryan Sigmon, say the shows are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional firework shows.

“We are able to create bright, impactful displays in the sky without the significant pollution or steep costs generally associated with fireworks," Dorosaz said.

You can get more information about booking a show by visiting Firefly's website. The company also has a handful of videos of past shows and displays on its YouTube channel.


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