The Pope’s Retirement Plan According to SNL
Saturday Night Live came up with a plan for the Pope. You can't go into retirement without a plan, can you?  Thus, SNL created a fake commercial for a service company that helps Popes plan for their retirement. Since it only happens every 600 years or so, maybe we needed a refresher. Have …
Best Cities For Senior Citizens?
As I approach retirement age, I can't help but look around and wonder where I will spend my retirement years. Most people associate moving to Florida to retire, but I'm not so sure that is for me. I came across a new study that offers some new insight.
Prepared To Retire? Survey Points Out Pitfalls
It's not a good combination.....people are living longer, jobs are harder to find, and Social Security is in financial trouble. It makes retirement planning that much more difficult.
Research bears out that most people feel that they are not, and might not, be ready for their retirement...