Congratulations on your retirement, Miss Brenda!

Brenda Harris, a Detroit native who attended the University of Michigan, celebrated her last storytelling time at the Flint Public Library this past Saturday.

She moved to Flint in 1980, and took eight years off work to raise her kids. She began her career as an assistant traveling storyteller in 1988.

In 1992, she started "Bookie Babies," a program at the Flint Public Library for parents and children, ages 0-24, to teach parents how to read to their children. She started it because she says it's VERY important to read to babies, even if they can't understand everything, for their development and vocabulary.

She read her final story at the library this past Saturday afternoon. Miss Brenda says that she needs to take some time in her retirement to rest, but also says that she's not going to slow down. Congrats, Miss Brenda! Thank you for your service to our community!

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