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darren baker

Thinking about retirement? Planning on finding that perfect place to kick-back and enjoy your later years? Well news flash, you may already be living there.

Most will say when it comes to retirement, people generally look to retire to those southern states without cold and wind. Sunny warm spots like Florida and Arizona. Deciding where you'll spend your golden years is about as important as how much you stashed away in the nest egg of yours.

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Sixty and Me recently listed the most exciting states to retire to, and our own Michigan found itself positioned in the top ten.  Seniors today are living their best life and have no interest in slowing down. They are looking for fun, excitement, and adventure in their choices for retirement locations.

Sixty and Me compiled their list with a special scoring system. They ranked the state on 16 factors to find which were tops in having it all. They looked at hobbies, opportunity to meet new people, health, lifestyles and more to determine the tops in having it all.

Michigan came in eighth for most exciting places to retire. According to the site, Michigan’s higher score comes from its volunteer opportunities (161) and golf courses (904). It also scores reasonably well across all of the other categories, except for college courses, retiree taxes, internet speeds, and author salaries. The site also noted Michigan the "best" for those looking to get involved with the community, and "not so much" for those looking to write a novel, work online, or start a college course.  (We're OK with that).

The complete top ten, just in case you do actually want to leave all Michigan has to offer, of course featured Florida as number one. Massachusetts was second, followed by Pennsylvania in third, Ohio fourth, and New York in fifth. You can view the entire breakdown and lists here.

In case you're wondering, because we know you are, Alaska finished first for the least exciting place to retire.


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