Thank goodness for all of the good people who are taking great care of this sweet dog.

A man in River Rouge was mowing his lawn on Monday morning when he heard a bark. He wasn't sure where it was coming from, but when he went to the trash to dump his lawn clippings, he found a starving, neglected puppy.

The puppy is estimated to be about 5-months-old. He was so dehydrated that he couldn't stand, and weighs only 10 pounds. The man flagged down a public works employee, who contacted the local animal shelter.

The puppy has been named Aaron, after the worker who helped rescue him. He's now in a Washington County animal hospital being treated. Police feel as though they have significant information about who could've possibly done this, but if you have any information, please call  (313)842-8700.

You can also donate to Aaron's care by calling (586)752-6217.

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