Michigan is a hot spot for accidents involving deer, but usually those involve cars, not people.

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A young cross country runner is recovering after a freak accident during a recent race that had her colliding with a deer. The Saginaw County middle school student, 13 year old Madison Sylvester, was competing in a meet at Delta College about a week ago when the incident occurred

 “I was running and like having a good race, and then I heard it, and then I saw it in the corner of my eye,” Madison told WJRT.

Madison's sister Maegan, who is her twin, watched the whole thing unfold as a spectator and saw the deer running and then leaping, crashing into Madison.

“The deer kept came running out of the dip and it like leaped out and hit her. She like kind of got thrown to the ground by the deer, and she was just laying there and her face was just in shock,” Maegan said.


Madison was quickly taken the local urgent care, where she was diagnosed with a fractured collarbone as well as a concussion. Her injuries will sideline her for a few weeks, but that's a small price to pay for something that could have been much worse.

Although each year, there are nearly 50,000 reported vehicle-deer crashes in Michigan, deer- runner has got to be a rarity. No word on injuries to the deer.

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