Doesn't take much to make somebody's day.

Flint Police Officer Ron Summers was out shopping at Meijer with his wife after a 12-hour shift on duty. While he was still in uniform, a little boy came up to him and told him that he wants to be a police officer. He shook the little boy's hand and told him about his job.

As they continued shopping, they started talking to two men, who said that Officer Summers was "the nice one" who had come to their house. They said that he had been "nice and fair" to them.

Finally, while they were waiting to checkout, a woman came up to Officer Summers and said that he had previously arrested her...and that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. It got her off the streets, off drugs and she got her kids back, saying that he "saved" her life.

Another perfect example of the power of conversation - don't be afraid to tell somebody that they've made a difference in your life.

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