Police are investigating a shooting yesterday that took the life of one man and left another in serious condition.

The crime has gone up more and more after we've come out of lockdown here in the city of Flint. Recent reports are saying that crime is up a total of 33% which is just an insane percentage to consider. 

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Flint Police responded to the 2000 block of Crocker Ave. for reports of a shooting around 3:40 p.m. on Sunday.


Responding officers located two males suffering from gunshot wounds.


Victim #1, a 26-year-old, was pronounced dead at the scene.


Victim #2, a 25-year-old, was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for multiple gunshot wounds and listed in serious condition. Source:NBC25.com

The details on this case are pretty scarce, which is common around this area. Flint is no stranger to violence. It's been violent in the city since the early '90s. It took Flint a long time to build the reputation that it has today. But what's the solution? Do we sit back and let all the gangsters kill each other? Not gonna lie, I've thought about it before.

The problem is that we don't have any outlets for our youth. They then become influenced by their surroundings because not much is available in our current economic environment. Lack of jobs and careers leads to desperation, which leads to getting money by any means. thus feeding that constant cycle. Not to mention the evil that social media brings to the table combined with everything else is a recipe the Devil would be proud of...


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