Double Shooting Over The Weekend In Flint Leaves One Dead
Police are investigating a shooting yesterday that took the life of one man and left another in serious condition.
The crime has gone up more and more after we've come out of lockdown here in the city of Flint. Recent reports are saying that crime is up a total of 33% which is just an insane per…
Saginaw Police Find Child Playing With Dead Puppy in Home
I don't think I've ever heard a story about a child playing with a dead animal as if it were their toy or something. That was the case until today when I heard about an incident that took place in Saginaw a while back.
Saginaw police officers were responding to what was probably a normal (u…
Police Are Investigating A Body Found In The Flint River
Police responded to a call yesterday on the 400 block of E.Blvd Drive where authorities showed up and found a man that was later pronounced dead.
The police found the man in the river behind the Farmer's Market in Flint. The investigation is still ongoing and details are scarce...

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